Matt Risley – Keys

Matt Risley

Matt Risley, found Tunnel Vision through Lost and his connections to the Catalyst store in San Clemente.  When the boyz found out Matt surfed and killed on the reggae keys, they asked “Matlock” to come jam with Tunnel Vision.  Currently Matlock lives up in the hills with his wolf, he comes down for epic surf and and larger shows.  Interesting facts about “Matlock”……Matt moved to San Clemente years ago to play with the band Kingston 13, shortly after parting ways with “Part One Tribe”.  When Matt came to San Clemente, he had just one surfboard…an old, yellow, 5’8 …Lost Round Nose Fish quad. Since then, Matt has built his quiver up to well over 10 boards…all …Lost models. Matt probably has more Mayhems than three quarters of our surf team. Matt also landed a job with a company called “Surfing Live” which webcasts surfing events all over the world. Therefore, Matt plays reggae shows when he’s home, and he surfs perfect waves around the world when he’s on “work trips”. Needless to say, for a guy who grew up surfing in Texas, Matlock is living the dream.